English is very important in the service of the state with ten million people

In recent days, a scandal is being resolving in Czech Republic over the Minister of Finance, a puppet of a local populist, an oligarch and Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. It turned out that she lied in her CV and in several of her public statements that she spokes English. It has been shown several times that she avoids English, and in her last appearance before EU statesmen, she read only a phonetically written text. No lie will surprise anyone from the members of this political party, but I am personally quite outraged by the ignorance of English by the minister of a country of ten million people. Why?

  • I perceive English as a neutral and primary language for communication, which has been adopted all over the world and thus represented Esperanto. It is not possible for everyone to know any language, nor is it possible for everyone to know all the languages ​​of a European Union country. That’s why it’s obvious that needs English.
  • Especially in the case of our statesmen who have Czech as their mother tongue. This is spoken of by just over ten million Czechs and perhaps also a few million Slovaks, with whom we were one republic in the past. That is not enough to require transnational communication in our language as well.
  • English is required in the performance of perfectly ordinary professions, such as receptionists, secretaries or waitresses. If English is necessary for the practice of such professions, it must definitely be necessary in the case of minister / politician profession. For them, the need for seamless international communication is much greater.

Probably no one would be so angry if she admitted this inadequacy and asked for an interpreter. But what I wonder is when such the prime minister also has problems with Czech and mixes it with Slovak.


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  1. English has become the closest thing to an International language. It’s either that or take on the extreme issues of Mandarin Chinese!!!

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