Knives Out Is an Old School Detective Genre

It’s not exactly a proven combination, me and a detective movies, it just doesn’t go together. But what a surprise it is when I come across something like this and in the end there is one big, very important Wow! This is an investigation into the mysterious death of the author of mysterious detective stories, where everyone in his vicinity is a suspect. Does that sound familiar to you too? Old school.

Knives Out (2019) 2h 10min | Comedy, Crime, Drama | 27 November 2019 (USA) Summary: A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.
Countries: USALanguages: English, Spanish, Hindi

From the first moment, you can feel the atmosphere of old-school detective movies, which nowadays are not only not filmed, but also written. Rian Johnson, who can’t be named after The Last Jedi for many people, did both brilliantly. The filmmakers play with the genre cliché, in which they also engage in psychological drama, comedy and often make a complete jerk from viewer. This is so when one is already stupid of all those modern and fully predictable red-haired criminal series.

Where Rian Johnson excels behind the camera, the amazing Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas excel in front of her. As if they themselves were happy that such a tangled detective drama flew through Hollywood, which is often smarter than a viewer. My girlfriend will also be happy that I finally liked the movie with Chris Evans, who is finally not wearing bright blue leggings.

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  1. Gabriela, We recently watched Knives Out, and came away with the same opinion as you. I especially enjoyed Chris Even’s performance. I got the idea that he really enjoyed playing the smarmy grandson!

    D J (djm3sho)

      1. Oh, I agree that Daniel Craig stole the show. I was just surprised to see him have fun with a sleazy „bad guy“ performance. I’m so used to him playing a bigger than life hero! And I loved how the ending pulled everything off! Definatily one of the best movies i’ve seen out of Amazon in awhile!

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